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We've been very fortunate to have played with some incredibly talented friends over the years! We like to think of them as "extended family". In extremely random order and with sincere apologies to those whose pictures we didn't have (send 'em to us if you'd like) here are few folks with whom we've had a lot of fun sharing the stage with ...  


               Ben Freed - Banjo                          Mark Murphy - Bass / Cello                Jon Sholle - Guitar

                    Marty Cutler (left) - Banjo                             "The Luncheonettes"
                                                                                          Marybeth DeSarle; Joanne DeSarle
                                                                                              Susan Sassano


 Lisa Gutkin - Violin                                                                       David Amram - Any Musical

                                                                                                            Instrument You Put In His Hands;

                                                                                                           Overall Coolness


Jerry Oland - Banjo                                                                      Vin Warner - Bass



Phil Ciganer - Proprietor of

The Towne Crier Cafe

The First Stage We Played On