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Who We Were Then ...
Out To Lunch is a rarity in the music world in that we've been together for over twenty years with only a very few changes in personnel! The running joke is that we know each other so well and for so long that 'if one of us gets a new pair of socks, it's a major event'.

Our original configuration in 1980 included Howie, Michael, Susan, Wayne, Tom Eaton and Tom Panuthos. Here's a picture of us from that period ... note the complete lack of gray hair!

Here, Tom Panuthos is pictured holding that mainstay of authentic
Bluegrass instrumentation, the Rickenbacker bass.

A few years later Tom Panuthos left us and was replaced on bass by Michael Gold. Michael came to us from a background rich in jazz and bluegrass and having just finished a stint with one of Andy Statman's bands, "Laughing Hands". The importance of his friendship, musicianship and help in anchoring our sound could never be overstated! Here's what we looked like then ...

"Let's See ... Liquor, Rain ... Hey, Let's Go Jump In A Lake!"
And You Thought The Name "Out To Lunch" Was Contrived!  That's Michael Gold Standing Behind Susan.

Michael Gold's "real job" demanded he re-locate to Minnesota and so we were very fortunate to enlist the considerable talents of Larry Cohen. Larry's musical biography and accomplishments could occupy the contents of a very large web site all  by itself! He has played with a virtual "who's who" of bluegrass luminaries and we're very fortunate to have him lend his "drive" to our sound!

Here's a shot of Larry from a few years ago ... Nice Hat!

And another picture of us as we look today ... a lot more gray hair but we're still having fun!!!

Most recently Tom Eaton, our guitar playing "brother", moved to an idyllic location on the coast in Massachusetts where he has already established himself as the guitar player of choice on the local circuit. Playing with Tom all these years has been a privilege and  a treat for us all. His talent raised the bar for us and his influence remains indelibly stamped on our performances. We still try to do as many shows together with him as time and logistics permit. Here's a picture of Tom at one of our recent shows ...

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