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Howard Bujese

Howie Bujese has been playing the violin for close to thirty years. His earliest memories are filled with music and dancing.
He began his musical career in the 8th grade working with a band playing the YMCA and CYO (Christian Youth Organization) dances and various youth coffeehouses in Northern New Jersey. However it wasn't until he was in his early twenties that he first heard the traditional music of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
Smitten, he traveled to the festivals and fiddle conventions throughout the South learning the tunes and eventually entering fiddle contests where he often took top honors. He also honed his craft studying violin with Jay Ungar.
Wanting to dig deeper into the origins of the fiddle tunes he loved, Howie discovered and was soon hooked on the traditional music of the British Isles. He soon found himself traveling to Ireland for an extended stay where he sought out traditional fiddlers and pipers and learned first hand, the styles of the different regions.
Upon his return from the Isles he helped organize the ensemble which would soon become "Out to Lunch" and be the mainstay of his musical endeavors for the next twenty or more years.
Howie lives in Western Connecticut where he also performs with his wife, Pam, in a jazz quartet called "Cool Struttin'" and with various Irish, Bluegrass and swing groups as well as a European style gypsy troubadour group that performs throughout the greater Hudson Valley.