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Out To Lunch Defined

What happens when you put five musicians together with backgrounds and influences ranging from Bluegrass to Jazz to Celtic to Classical, and give them the common goal of making these varied types music come to life (and have a lot of fun doing it)?

You get Out To Lunch!

Based in the New York metropolitan area, Out To Lunch was "founded" in 1980 ... at first as a loose collection of friends coming together for an occasional "open mike" night. They soon began to "get serious" and refine their sound as they sensed they had something special to offer with shows that had broad appeal to audiences. Over twenty years later Out To Lunch is still delighting audiences with a sound uniquely their own that combines the best of musical warmth and sharpness.

On a typical evening with Out To Lunch one might be treated to a smooth rendition of a classic such as Nat King Cole's "Straighten Up and Fly Right" or Bill Monroe's "Footprints in the Snow". From there, the band might just as easily shift gears and perform a "monster medley" of Celtic dance tunes or some their own inspired original compositions. While each of these tunes will no doubt bear the stamp of Out To Lunch's distinctive sound, the respect for the traditions that these tunes come from is obvious.

The band's unique instrumentation incorporates two mandolins, guitar, fiddle, bass and hammered dulcimer. Their strong vocals blend to create harmonies that are a distinctive part of Out To Lunch's musical charm.

Out To Lunch's self-titled recording (available for order on this site) has sold extensively, received favorable reviews and airplay on a variety of radio stations.

They have appeared on radio and television, and toured extensively throughout the Northeast.

Out To Lunch offers a variety of programs to accommodate different performance venues; concert settings, education (most typically public school programs) and private parties.

Critics and fans alike praise Out To Lunch's performances as warm, polished, never less than musically dazzling and always marked by lively, fun interaction with their audience.

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