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Susan Sassano

With a voice that is at once powerful and emotive, Susan Sassano has appeared in a variety of venues, for audiences large and small, from Colorado to New York (and lots of places in between).
A native New Yorker, Susan started singing at an early  age performing with local choral groups. In her first notable public singing performance, she was cast in a PBS musical production with a score written by Angelo Badalamenti, with whom she also studied classical flute.  Susan studied music at Brooklyn College and later studied voice with Lucy Joffe of The Westchester Conservatory.
She has performed with several bands in the North East, easily adapting her voice to musical styles ranging from rock to country, swing and bluegrass.  For many years she served as musical director for the PARC Telethon, an organization dedicated to bringing aid and resources to children and adults with disabilities. Susan also served as president of The Hudson Valley Musician's Alliance.  One of her long time favorite experiences is singing in the group, "The Luncheonettes" with fellow Brooklyn-ites Marybeth & Joanne DeSarle.
In addition to her work on Out To Lunch's CD Susan can be heard on Lora Lee Amram's  recording, "The Other Side", as well as on several other recording projects.