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Related Links

Luthiers ...

We are truly blessed to own instruments that have been lovingly and skillfully crafted by the people whose links follow. They've given us our 'musical voices' with instruments that are as inspiring as works of art as they are in sound!!

A. Lawrence Smart
McCall, ID

A. Lawrence Smart

Check Out Wayne's Mandolins By Clicking Here

John Monteleone
Islip, NY   


C.F. Martin Guitars
Nazareth, PA

C.F. Martin

Hammered Dulcimers by
Paul Lewis
                                                     South Salem, NY        (link currently unavailable)

A Great Instrument Deserves A Great Case ...


And Great Strings Too ...


And ... When Being "Tied" To A Mic. Stand Just Won't Do ...
(Wayne Uses This and Swears By It)

Pendulum Audio

The New York Area Bluegrass Scene ...

Live in the greater New York area?? Want to know literally everything that is going on as it relates to bluegrass music?? This is the only link you need!

The Bluegrass Scene At Large ...

iBluegrass.com is a great directory for just about everything you could want to know about Bluegrass music at both the regional and national levels. Want to go on a "Bluegrass Cruise"? You'll find it here. Want to buy an instrument? You'll find it in the classifieds. Want to find a festival near (or not so near) you? There is a really comprehensive list for you to peruse.  A highly recommended site! Visit them by clicking their logo ...


All Things Mandolin ...

The Mandolin Cafe is the penultimate site for anything and everything relating to the "king of instruments" ... the mandolin. If you have even a passing interest in the instrument this site is a "must". If you play mandolin and haven't been there yet ... shame on you!  :-)  Click the logo below to go there ...


Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association ...

The Keepers of the Bluegrass Flame in the New York's Hudson Valley. Visit them here ...



Michael Gold

"Local Boy Makes Good By Melding Jazz With The Corporate World"  ... Or something like that. Check this link out to see what our old friend is up to these days (not bad for a bassist, eh?)




Our old buddy Tom Eaton resurfaces in lovely Glouchester / Cape Anne area of Massachusetts with his new band Pick3. If you're planning to be in the area check 'em out!! Schedules and info are right here ...



Mike Burns & North Country

A very good friend of ours whose music is best described as American Roots Music with its heart in Bluegrass & Country. Well worth checking out at ...