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A Book Of Advanced Concepts & Techniques For Mandolin Players ...

"Mastering Mandolin"

"Wayne has created a very clear picture here for mandolin playing in a variety of styles. Thank you for a well thought out book that answers many questions we all ponder daily. Now let's all get busy!!" ... Mike Marshall


The Conclusion of this power-packed three book mandolin method begins with a set of warm-up and right-hand exercises. From there it continues with a study of advanced harmonies and provides mandolin chord forms in all twelve keys. In-depth studies of important forms such as the 12-bar blues and "Rhythm Changes" are included. Other advanced harmony topics are included, such as chord/melody playing and chord substitution. The book also takes an exhaustive approach to melodic studies, covering the modes of the major scale, the pentatonic scales, the chromatic scale, the whole-tone scale and improvisation with many transposable scale forms and example tunes given. This is the perfect launching pad into a lifetime of great mandolin playing.

96 page Book and CD Now Available At These Fine Locations:

National Guitar Workshop                                                       Tom Lee Music

Elderly Instruments                                                                   Music Exchange (UK)


Music To Your Door

Lentine's Music

Note: For those interested, books one & two (beginner & intermediate) in this series can also be ordered from any of the merchants listed above.

Chapter Headings:

  • About The Author
  • Introduction

Part One - Harmony

  • Chapter I - Warm Ups
  • Chapter II - Important Chords
  • Chapter III - Chord Progressions
  • Chapter IV - Creating Chord Solos

Part Two - Melody

  • Chapter V - Scales and Modes

Part Three - Rhythm

  • Chapter VI - Exploring Time Signatures
  • Chapter VII - Melodic Rhythm

Part Four - Putting It All Together

  • Chapter VIII - Improvisation
  • Chapter IX - Finding Material From Around The World

Wrapping Up - Final Thoughts