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Michael Sassano

Multi- Instrumentalist Michael Sassano began studying guitar at age 12 and within 6 months was in his first band playing rock music in his native Brooklyn, NY.  His musical tastes run the gamut from rock to folk to country to bluegrass to swing and beyond.  He has been playing the mandolin for over 25 years and has been greatly influenced by his first teacher, the  renowned Jay Ungar.  He has also studied with Andy Statman.
With Out To Lunch, Michael showcases his inimitable style of "drive and blend" on mandolin, guitar, mando cello, and mandola.
Michael has performed with notables that include David Amram, Walt Michael and Co. and Barry Mitterhoff.  He recorded and helped compose a musical sound track with David Amram for the play, "Chickadee".
Michael has appeared on numerous recordings including a recent project with the bluegrass group, Too Blue.
In addition to Out To Lunch, Michael keeps a busy schedule by performing on a regular basis with Too Blue, and Lisa's Pieces, a band in which Michael gets to flex his considerable guitar playing muscles.
He has appeared at clubs and festivals throughout the North East and Canada.